Project Description

Proj4Net is a C#/.Net library to transform point coordinates from one geographic coordinate system to another, including datum transformation.
The core of this library is a port of the Proj4J library.

Proj4Net targets

  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • Silverlight v4.0
  • WindowsPhone 7

Home of Proj4J

Proj4J can be found here:

Still to do

  • Implement remaining Projections
  • Port and expand Proj4J test suite
  • Tests, tests, tests ... find the bugs
  • Check CoordianteReferenceSystem resource files (epsg/esri/nad/world) for actuality (with proj4)

Other libraries

Proj4Net is neither the only open source projection library for .Net available nor the one with the most active community. You may want to take a look at

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